Swim with whales in Tonga and around the world
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A large pod of humpback whales during a heat run, photographed underwater by Scott Portelli

Swim with Humpback whales

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A diver photographing two humpback whales in clear blue water in Tonga

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A humpback whale, above and below the water in front of the Whales In The Wild tour boat, photographed by Scott Portelli,

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Photographer Scott Portelli taking a shot up close to a humpback whale

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Swim With Orca's in Norway

Experience a once in a lifetime experience

Swim with Orca's

Experience the Northern Aurora's

Snorkel with Humpback whales

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Swim with Minke whales

Snorkel with Minke Whales

Dive the Great Barrier Reef

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Humpback whale fluke - an example of a tail shot for identification in the Tongan Fluke database

The Tongan Fluke Collective (TFC) aims to utilise photographers visiting the Kingdom of Tonga and photographing humpback whales during the breeding and calving season

Please help us by donating your fluke shots to science!

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2023 Tours

13 - 24 July 2024, 11 nights (7 days in the water with the whales)
24 July - 3 August 2024, 10 nights (7 days on the water with the whales)
3 - 14 Aug 2024, 11 nights (7 days in the water with the whales)
14 -24 Aug 2024, 10 nights (7 days in the water with the whales)
24 Aug - 4 Sept 2024, 11 nights (7 days in the water with the whales)
4 - 14 Sept 2024 10 nights (7 days in the water with the whales)


Swimming with Gentle Giants

Swimming with whales in Tonga, A view from underwater and aerial views from a drone. See our guests swimming with whales in the blue waters of Tonga.

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