Swim with whales in Tonga and around the world
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Andre Joanisse

Nature Photographer

I am based just south of Newcastle, with my passion for nature,  I travel to far off destinations to capture landscapes and wildlife in evocative photos.

The beauty and bounty of life we experience in nature inspires me and makes me realise how special it is to be part of it all. We get given rare opportunities to glimpse into the heart of a wild animal as it graciously accepts us as part of their environment. It is truly a special moment when you make that connection with another living creature.

The more time I spend in remote places with stillness and solitude, capturing the many hues and the play of light on the landscape, the more awe inspiring the experience has become.

With my work I bring the viewer into the moment that I have experienced and to capture not just a record of the scene but to also reflect the mood and the ambience of the setting.

My goal is to enhance the experience for the people I am with, so that it becomes the most rewarding journey for them into nature’s beauty and its amazing wildlife.

Leave Only Footprints, take only photos.