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Well our first few weeks in Tonga have been a great start to the season

We have had some nice encounters with the whales in the past few weeks and have seen some interesting behaviour, including some pretty cool breaching and we even had fun with our whale and people portrait session, as well as lots of singing Humpbacks. there is nothing like floating metres above a singing whale as the sound reverberates through your body. They definitely have a strong set of pipes. Not to mention that we have also discovered a new form of adventure which I like to call swimming with jelly fish in the harbour. trust me we were amused for hours. stay tuned, more to come from Tonga.

Azores Sperm Whales

The Azores is one of the best places in the world to see such diversity of whales and dolphins and other marine life.

Just returned from the Azores where we had some amazing encounters with the diversity of cetaceans that frequent the waters off the Azores Archipelego. we saw 11 species of whales and dolphins while we were there including some rarely seen cetaceans such as bottlenose whales, beaked whales and large balleen whales like the Sei and Brydes whales. All images taken under a special permit granted by the Regiao Autonoma Dos Acores, Secretaria Regional Do Ambiente E Do Mar, Dreccao Regional do Ambiente.

Humpback whale Mother and calf

Scott has won the Highly Commended award at the British Underwater Image Festival for 2010 with his image of a Humpback mother and Calf seen in the 2009 season in Vava’u

Just announced at the BUIF (British Underwater Image Festival) held at Dive Fest in Cornwall on Sunday 2nd May, I have been lucky enough to be presented the Highly Commended award in the Sea & Sea Open category. The photo is off a new born calf and its mother that was seen during the 2009 whale season. Look forward to having some amazing opportunities in the 2010 season.

Humpback whale Antarctica

Scott will be joining the Elysium expedition to Antarctica in February to photograph and document wildlife following in the footsteps of Shackelton

As part of an expedition team to Antarctica I will be spending 2 1/2 weeks photographing and filming wildlife along the Antarctic Peninsula, Elephant Island and South Georgia with a team of expert photographers, film makers and scientists. Hopefully I will find some Tongan Humpbacks feeding down in the ice and doing what they do before making the journey back to more tropical waters in Tonga.

BBC Life Series Book

One of Scott’s Tonga Humpback whale photographs was just published in the new BBC book Life.

I was privileged to have one of my photos from Tonga published in the new BCC book Life, which is an accompaniment to the new series, some of which was shot in Tonga in 2008. The book features some spectacular wildlife from our amazing planet.