Swim with whales in Tonga and around the world
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Duration: 16 - 26 July 2025, 10 nights (7 days in the water with the whales)
Location: Vava'u, Tonga
Price: $7,500 USD
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As the humpbacks arrive in large numbers to breed and give birth, you will witness one of nature’s greatest events. The crystal clear waters of Vava’u are the perfect place for nurturing mothers teaching their calves how to be whales, while groups of whales demonstrate their overwhelming presence. Your days will be filled with excitement, only stopping to explore the beautiful coral gardens and abundant marine life that inhabit Tonga’s crystal clear waters.


16 – 26  July 2025


Includes: boat, crew and guide for 7 days on the water.


USD $1000 (This is non-refundable)
Note: All costs are in United States Dollars

Total tour cost – $7,500 USD per person


Maximum of 6 people to maximize your time in the water with the whales.

Tour Leaders

Our team of professional award winning photographers and Marine Biologists will be the tour leaders/hosts on your tours. Check out our team profiles for more information. Your tour leader will contact you 1-2 weeks before you depart, to introduce themselves.

Tour includes

  • Boat, experienced crew and guide for 7 days on the water
  • 10 nights premium accommodation
  • All Meals (Breakfast, Lunch – onboard, Dinner)
  • Photography/research advice and guidance in the water
  • Daily snorkeling on reefs and in caves
  • Airport transfers in Vava’u



Download your Itinerary & Checklist to help you prepare for your visit to Tonga.

The success of our trips is very much dependent on the whales and weather conditions. Two things which are beyond our control. However, many years of experience has showed us that the period we operate these trips give the best chances for a great experience.

Day 1 Arrival (Flight)

Our driver will be waiting for you at the airport and will take you to your accommodation (check-in 1pm). In the evening your guides will meet you for dinner and give you a briefing about the upcoming tour and what to expect during your time in Tonga.

Day 2 – 4 Swim with Whales

Pickup from your accommodation for a day of whale watching & snorkeling.

Day 5  – Sunday, Day of Rest

Sundays are a day of rest in Tonga, so it’s a great time catch up on a good book or just relax on a beach.

Day 6 – 7 Swim with Whales

Pickup from your accommodation for a day of whale watching & snorkeling.

Day 8 – Leisure Day

Spend the day exploring the islands, snorkeling, diving, hiking or just relaxing on a beach. There are plenty of activities to keep you entertained.

Day 9 – 10 Swim with Whales

Pickup from your accommodation for a day of whale watching & snorkeling.

Day 11 Departure (Flight)

Our driver will be waiting for you at your accommodation to take you to the airport (Checkout 10am). As flight schedules can change, we recommend confirming your flights the day before you leave.

Tonga Time

The schedule above is a guide and things change often when you are on an Island in Tonga. The locals are on what we call ‘Tonga Time’, so don’t be disappointed if the skipper is late, or your meals are not served on time, or you don’t get exactly what you ask for, just relax and enjoy this tropical paradise.

Other Activities

We try to visit some of the most amazing snorkeling spots in Tonga as we search for the whales, including untouched coral reefs, caves and lagoons. But if you haven’t had enough after your days on the water there are always lots of other adventures:

  • Scuba Diving
  • Kayaking
  • Sailing
  • Island Tours


Tour costs include 10 nights in a premium shared accommodation on beautiful Neiafu Harbour.

How to get there

You can find travel and flight suggestions here. We can also connect you with travel agents in Australia, US and the UK who can assist with planning your flights.

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