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The Bucket List Family – 4th visit to Tonga!

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Recently, SWGG hosted Garrett, Jessica, Dorothy and Manilla Gee (aka The Bucket List Family), along with their friends Jim and Alicia Ward. This was The Bucket List Family’s 4th year with us here in Tonga and we were excited to spend time with old friends out on the water.

We were lucky enough to have some amazing up close and personal encounters with Mums and their calves, swimming alongside giant bait balls in caves and best of all, front row seats to a thrilling heat run. It was awesome to see how excited Dorothy (6) and Manilla (5) were to be in the water with the whales and their bravery and water skills as they leap from the boat into the water so they could experience the heat run for themselves!

You can check out the highlights of their time with us below!