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False Killer Whale Photo wins at the Photographic World Cup

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The World Photographic Cup is an international competition where countries get the opportunity to enter a portfolio of images to be presented and judged on the world stage. The AIPP, as the representative body for photography in Australia, submits work from selected members as Team Australia. I am proud to be a part of team Australia with my award winning image of a false killer whale and her calf taken in the waters of Tonga. This was selected from the Nature and Wildlife category at the Silver lining awards which won 1st place in 2020.

The efforts of all the finalists were enough to bring home the World Photographic Cup, first place overall!! Australia is now only the third country to achieve the feat of winning the WPC TWICE. Huge congratulations to the fellow Aussie team; Forough Yavari, Joshua Holko, Andy Cheung, Steve Scalone